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ResiVal has recently launched a new capability called VirtualVAL.

VirtualVAL is a new valuation service which connects the property owner and the valuer using a virtual inspection software program via their smartphone anywhere around Australia with an internet connection. Via the click of a link, this system allows the valuer to take a ‘live’ walk-through of the property with a live feed from the property owners mobile device camera allowing the valuer to inspect in high definition.
The software ensures both photos and video footage have Geo-location tracking to ensure the valuer is inspecting the correct property. Further identification measures are undertaken through several property database checks from reputable online sources.

On completion of the virtual inspection, the valuer can produce a valuation report similar to that of a full valuation, with the report ready for issue to the lender within 4 hours of the inspection. All video and photographic data from the inspection is then stored on a cloud solution supported by Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Service which provides enterprise level data security.

Our VirtualVAL services are now being used for lending institutions, private clients such as agents, investors and intending vendors seeking a market value on their house and is available for most residential or commercial properties. Call our staff today to get a fixed quote.

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